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From The Art of Kissing by Hugh Morris


The Dancing Kiss

A very pleasant way to kiss is found in the "dancing kiss." Here, again, it is the closeness of the bodies of the participants that adds to the enjoyment. What more could a pair of lovers ask for than a dimly lighted dance floor, the tender, rhythmical strains of a waltz being played by Wayne King, their arms around each other, their eager young bodies kissing each other in a myriad of excitable places, the while, their cheeks meet in glowing, velvety strokes? Naturally, in such situations, the rules of social etiquette w ill not allow the pair to enjoy an extremely appropriate "lip kiss." Although this can very easily be accomplished in the privacy of one's parlor while the radio is broadcasting the music. In fact, the "electric kiss" can be ideally performed under these circumstances. But, when dancing in a public place, the only kisses allowed would be those surreptitious ones stolen under the straying eye of the chaperone. Under the pretense of whispering pretty nothings into your partner's shell of an ear, allow your lips to touch her earlobe, her cheek and her chin. A few covert eye-kisses, perhaps, can be stolen in this manner, too. But, these stolen sweets should suffice the happy couple until they return home,. Then, stimulated by the forepleasure of these previous non-lip kisses, the pair can indulge in all the variations listed in this booklet, to their hearts' and their lips' content. The while they recall, perhaps, those lines from Sir John Suckling's "Ballad of a Wedding," which went:

Oh, they sudden up -and rise and dance;
Then sit again, and sigh, and glance;
Then dance again, and kiss.

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Art of Kissing

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