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From The Art of Kissing by Hugh Morris


Once this hunger for the opposite sex evidences itself, there occurs in the human body what is known as tumescence which, in simple language, is the rhythmical contraction of the various muscles of the body together with the functioning of certain glands, just which glands science has been unable to say definitely. Gland specialists know, by performing certain operations, that the adrenal, the pituitary, the gonad and certain other glands, control the sexual behavior of human beings. It is these glands that re-act, that secrete what are known as hormones into the blood which, in turn, carries them into the various organs effected by a sexual reaction.

Therefore, it can be seen that it is the partial satisfying of the sex-hunger that makes kissing pleasurable.' Electricity is used for turning motors and lighting lamps and heating curling irons. But electricity 4oes not give complete satisfaction to the kiss.

But enough of dry science!

We have ahead of us pleasurable reading of the bliss of the kiss. Now that we have learned why it is that men and women kiss, let us go into the methods used in. kissing so as to derive the most satisfaction from this most soul-appeasing of pleasures.

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Art of Kissing

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