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Random Kissing Tips

Rotating Romance

You and your love sit together in a rotating office chair. Once seated spin around and around while youre giving each other kisses!

-- Becky from Columbus Ohio


Pick a magic word for the day and every time that word passes your loves lips, they are responsible for a kiss. A kiss debt can be accrued that must be paid off by the end of the day!

-- Tara from Portland, OR

Re-living Your First Kiss

Take your love to the place that you first kissed, take his/her hand, get down on your knee or something extremely old-fashioned (i.e.-Sit on a blanket under a tree, just make it special) and tell your love why you love them so much and what made you fall for them. Then take their hand in yours, and kiss it gently and make it as soft as you possibly can. Then ask permission to kiss them on their lips. Everything after that is up to you!

-- Kirsten from Westfield, Pa

Sooky Sooky!

Hey girls out there, ever wondered what to do when your man is kissing you and his tongue is creeping around in your mouth? Well I know a way to have fun and excite him. When ever you have the chance suck on his tongue! It will open his eyes for sure!

-- Kara from Lyons, ks

Traveling kisses

If you or your mate are traveling somewhere out of town give them a pack of hard candy( doesnt melt as easily) with enough candy in it for one each night. Tell them to eat one candy every night at a certain time like 6:00PM( your home standard time) and you will do the same that way you will both know what each others kisses taste like at that exact moment every night that they or you are gone.

-- Jenn from Newberg, Oregon

The UpsideDown Kiss

Bet youve never done it before, which will make your lover very impressed. Go to the park, and hang upside down on the monkey bars with him/her. Smooching upside down is a sign of creativity, romanticism, and intelligence.

-- Alexis from San Francisco, CA

Red Light Special Kiss

"When you are driving around town, steal a kiss from your significant other at every stop light you go to. See how many kisses you can give them. It makes taking the long way home even more fun."

-- shayla from Hopkinsville

Toll Collector

Arrange the furniture so your normal seat is along your loves path to another part of the house. Collect the toll of a kiss every time your love passes by.

-- Emmy from Jamestown, NY


When tounge kissing (making out, frenching) try making the letters of the alphabet with your tounge! It makes it a little more interesting! You can also take turn guessing what letter it is!

-- Tina from Sycamore

The Slam Dunk

"Does your loved one ignore you during sporting events? Watch the basketball game with your loved one. It may be a bit confusing at first but, its pretty easy to catch on. At every break in the game, just grab him, and plant a kiss. Short breaks give little kisses (20 second time outs, etc) and long breaks give long kisses. Then when the game resumes just move back over to you side of the couch, and remain calm. He will have a whole new appreciation of the game and you."

-- Chelsea from Laurelton, NY


If you ever happpen to be full of static electricity kiss your partner. There will definitely be sparkles. Best is if your partner doesnt know youre electric.

-- Sara from Malmö

Secret Word

PIck a secret word of the day, and every time each of you says it, you have to kiss (or store them up for that evening).

-- Andrea from Annandale

Televised Kissing

whenever you and your Love are alone in an elevator or near an ATM machine, make sure you kiss for the camera.

-- suze from philly

Movie Madness

Make a video of your favorite love scenes from movies. Watch them with the one you treasure most and at the end, recreate your own version of one the most passionate kisses from the movies.

-- Mandilu from Stephenville

TV Commercial Kiss

My girlfreind I and used to watch at lot of TV together while curled up together on the couch. One time I thought itd be a good idea to dip her a little more and give her a kiss during an advertisement. We soon did it every advertisment. In fact, after a while we started to miss quite a bit of the show we were watching.

-- chris from ames

Pididle Kiss

"While in the car with your love, look for pididles (a car with only one headlight). When you see one, yell, Pididle, and that means that your love has to kiss you!"

-- Heather from Scottdale, Pennsylvania

The wet kiss

If it happens to rain, dont feel down and bored. Drag your partner out in the rain and sing, dance, laugh , play, and kiss in the rain. There is nothing more romantic then kissing in the rain.

-- Tara from Ulysses, Ks

Sunday Sundae Smooch (The Triple SSSmooch)

"Should be done preferably on a Sunday, hence the title. On Sunday(perhaps after dinner), tell your love that its time for dessert and that you are in the mood for a specialty- a Sunday Sundae. Go to the kitchen, grab several dessert items: - chocolate topping - whipped cream - sprinkles - cherry (to finish it off) - whatever else you wish to add to make the SundaySundae unique Proceed to apply toppings to the dessert(your lovers lips), tell them they are dessert, and start to lick away the toppings. when you get rid of all the topping, say heres the best part- your lips, and sock them with a kiss out of this world! "

-- Naomi from Chicago


Kiss. Always. To say hello, good night, etc. Nothing makes my day brighter when I get a sweet kiss from the one I love. Kiss just to kiss. Just to show your special someone that you love them and that they are yours forever and always.

-- Jacque from Brookings

Secret Smooch

"Think of one secret word first thing in the morning. Do not tell your lover this word or about the secret smooch game you are about to play. Each time he or she says the word give him/her a kiss. Keep this up throughout the day. See if your lover catches on. If he or she figures the game out by the end of the day he/she may begin making up sentences with your secret word in them just to get a smooch."

-- Mendal from St. Joseph

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